Travel to York

Travel By Air

York is accessible by train from the airports of Manchester and London. 

If you fly in to Manchester Airport, the train station is connected directly to the airport. Trains from Manchester Airport to York take around 2 hours. Book your tickets in advance using:

If you fly to the London airports (Heathrow or Gatwick) then you will need to first travel to Kings Cross station in London via the Heathrow Express/Gatwick Express/London Underground (“The Tube”), which takes around 1 hour. The train to York then takes around 2 hours from Kings Cross.

If you fly into Leeds/Bradford Airport, a taxi to York takes around 50 minutes.

Travel By Eurostar

The Eurostar train links London to Paris, Brussels, Lille, Lyon, Amsterdam, and Rotterdam. Eurostar trains arrive at London St. Pancras, which is walking distance to London Kings Cross train station. From Kings Cross, the train to York takes around 2 hours. Book tickets from: