Proceedings of RTSS@Work 2019

List of Demos

MoFi: Environment-independent device-free human motion detection via WiFi
Xi Chen, Hang Li, Chenyi Zhou, Xue Liu and Gregory Dudek

Polygraph Tool Suite: Configuration and Conformity Validation for Data Flow Based Real-Time Systems
Shuai Li, Matteo Morelli, Ansgar Radermacher, Jérémie Tatibouët, Pauline Deville, Arnault Lapitre, Sébastien Gérard and Chokri Mraidha

LiteOS for Intermittent Computing
Nan Guan and Qiulin Chen

A Comprehensive Framework for Energy Management of Hard Real-time Networks-on-Chip
Thawra Kadeed and Rolf Ernst

A Gem5 Multi-OS Mixed-critical Many-core Simulation Model for Self-aware Systems
Eberle A Rambo, Robin Hapka and Rolf Ernst

Runtime Architect: Link Performance Design to Runtime Aspects
Adel Gasri, Rafik Henia, Laurent Rioux and Nicolas Sordon

toki: A Build- and Test-Platform for Prototyping and Evaluating Operating System Concepts in Real-Time Environments
Oliver Horst and Uwe Baumgarten

Modelling and Timing Analysis of Real-timeApplications on Evolving Automotive E/EArchitectures using Rubus-ICE
Alessio Bucaioni, John Lundbäck, Mattias Gålnander, Kurt-Lennart Lundbäck, Mohammad Ashjaei, Matthias Becker and Saad Mubeen