List of Brief Presentations

Probabilistic system-wide DVFS for real-time embedded systems
Roberto Medina and Liliana Cucu-Grosjean

A Survey of Timing Verification Techniques for Multi-Core Real-Time Systems [Presentation]
Claire Maiza, Hamza Rihani, Juan M. rivas, Joel Goossens, Sebastian Altmeyer and Robert Davis

Surveys on Timing Analysis and Schedulability Analysis Techniques for Probabilistic Real-Time Systems [Presentation]
Robert Davis and Liliana Cucu-Grosjean

Non-preemptive Scheduling of Sporadic Gang Tasks on Multiprocessors
Zheng Dong and Cong Liu

Considering Heuristic Scheduling for NoC-based Clustered Many-core Processor Using LET Model
Shingo Igarashi and Takuya Azumi

Routing of Delivery Drones with Load-Dependent Flight Speed
Yusuke Funabashi, Ittetsu Taniguchi and Hiroyuki Tomiyama

Validation of Probabilistic Timing Models of a Periodic Task with Interference – a Case Study
Anna Friebe, Alessandro Vittorio Papadopoulos and Thomas Nolte

Providing Integrity in Real-Time Networks-on-Chip
Eberle A Rambo, Yunsheng Shang and Rolf Ernst

Aggressive Deadline-Driven Standby-Sparing for Hard Real-Time Systems under Energy-Awareness
Linwei Niu, Jacob Welch, Shaka Wilkerson, John Dehart and Wei Li

Migration Hints in Real-Time Operating System
Phillip Raffeck, Peter Ulbrich and Wolfgang Schröder-Preikschat

Real-Time RPC for Hybrid Dual-OS System [Presentation]
Pan Dong, Zhe Jiang, Alan Burns, Yan Ding and Jun Ma

Version-aware Video Caching Strategy for Multi-version VoD Systems
Hui Zhao, Quan Wang, Jing Wang, Zili Wu and Weizhan Zhang

Non-Preemptive Scheduling of Periodic Tasks with Data Dependency upon Heterogeneous Multiprocessor Platforms
Jinchao Chen, Chenglie Du, Pengcheng Han and Xiaoyan Du

Pricing Mechanism and Workload Scheduling to Optimize Social Welfare and Cost for Fog Computing Systems [Presentation]
Niraj Kumar and Arijit Mondal

Leveraging the Selfless Driving Model to Reduce Vehicle Network Congestion
Guangli Dai, Pavan Kumar Paluri, Thomas Carmichael, Albert Cheng and Risto Miikkulainen

On the Feasibility of Lightweight Scheme of Real-Time Atrial Fibrillation Detection Using Deep Learning [Presentation]
Yunkai Yu, Zhihong Yang, Peiyao Li, Zhicheng Yang and Yuyang You

Investigating the Effects of High Priority Traffic on the Best Effort Traffic in TSN Networks
Bahar Houtan, Mohammad Ashjaei, Masoud Daneshtalab, Mikael Sjödin and Saad Mubeen

SAFE: Secure Authentication for Future Entities using IoVs
Harsha V and Debasis Das

Simplifying CPS Development with Real-Time Virtual Resources
Albert Cheng

A Deep Learning Strategy for I/O Scheduling in Storage Systems
Ashkan Farhangi, Jiang Bian, Jun Wang and Zhishan Guo

Real-Time Reactors in C
Marten Lohstroh and Edward Lee

Synchronous Intersection Management Protocol for Mixed Traffic Flows [Presentation]
Radha Reddy, Luís Almeida and Eduardo Tovar

Formal Analysis of Hybrid-Dynamic Timing Behaviors in Cyber-Physical Systems
Li Huang and Eun-Young Kang

Understanding the Effect of Kernel Scheduling on GPU Energy Consumption
Yidi Wang and Hyoseung Kim

Balancing Message Criticality and Timeliness in IoT Networks
Sathish Gopalakrishnan and Hootan Rashtian

ARTIC: An Adaptive Real-Time Imprecise Computation Pipeline for Audio Analysis
Michael Yantosca and Albert Cheng

Reducing Response Time of Static Priority Task Sets by Varying Offsets
Aaron Wong and Albert Cheng

Combining Two Security Methods to Detect Versatile Integrity Attacks in Cyber-Physical Systems
Victor Lopez Rodriguez, Albert Cheng and Binh Doan