Preliminary Program

Accepted papers to be presented:

Adaptive Real-Time Routing in Polynomial Time
Kunal Agrawal and Sanjoy Baruah

ADMM-Based Decentralized Electric Vehicle Charging with Trip Duration Limits
Gaoqi He, Zhifu Chai, Xingjian Lu, Fanxin Kong and Bing Sheng

An Efficient Utilization-based Test for Scheduling Hard Real-Time Sporadic DAG Task Systems on Multiprocessors
Zheng Dong and Cong Liu

Battery Aging Deceleration for Power-Consuming Real-Time Systems
Jaeheon Kwak, Kilho Lee, Taehee Kim, Jinkyu Lee and Insik Shin

Butterfly Attack: Adversarial Manipulation of Temporal Properties of Cyber-Physical Systems
Rouhollah Mahfouzi, Amir Aminifar, Soheil Samii, Mathias Payer, Petru Eles and Zebo Peng

Cache Persistence Analysis: Finally Exact
Gregory Stock, Sebastian Hahn and Jan Reineke

CARP: A Data Communication Mechanism for Multi-Core Mixed-Criticality Systems
Anirudh Kaushik, Paulos Tegegn, Zhuanhao Wu and Hiren Patel

Cost-Aware Edge Resource Probing for Infrastructure-Free Edge Computing: From Optimal Stopping to Layered Learning
Tao Ouyang, Xu Chen, LieKang Zeng and Zhi Zhou

EdgeBatch: Towards AI-empowered Optimal Task Batching in Intelligent Edge Systems
Daniel (Yue) Zhang, Nathan Vance, Yang Zhang, Md Tahmid Rashid and Dong Wang

Enabling Predictable, Simultaneous and Coherent Data Sharing in Mixed Criticality Systems
Nivedita Sritharan, Anirudh M. Kaushik, Mohamed Hassan and Hiren Patel

From Code to Weakly Hard Constraints: A Pragmatic End-to-End Toolchain for Timed C
Saranya Natarajan, Mitra Nasri, David Broman, Björn Brandenburg and Geoffrey Nelissen

Hiding DRAM Refresh Overhead in Real-Time Cyclic Executives
Xing Pan and Frank Mueller

Improved energy-aware strategies for periodic real-time tasks under reliability constraints
Li Han, Louis-Claude Canon, Jing Liu, Yves Robert and Frederic Vivien

Improving Prediction Accuracy of Memory Interferences for Multicore Platforms
Cédric Courtaud, Julien Sopena, Gilles Muller and Daniel Gracia Pérez

Integrated Energy Control for Hard Real-time Networks-on-Chip
Thawra Kadeed, Sebastian Tobuschat and Rolf Ernst

K2: Work-Constraining Scheduling of NVMe-Attached Storage
Till Miemietz, Hannes Weisbach, Michael Roitzsch and Hermann Härtig

MCS-IOV: Real-time I/O Virtualization System for Mixed-Criticality Systems — From Theory to Practice
Zhe Jiang, Neil Audsley, Pan Dong, Nan Guan and Xiaotian Dai

Mixed-Criticality Multicore Scheduling of Real-Time Gang Task Systems
Ashik Ahmed Bhuiyan, Kecheng Yang, Samsil Arefin, Abusayeed Saifullah, Nan Guan and Zhishan Guo

Necessary Feasibility Analysis for Mixed-Criticality Task Systems on Uniprocessor
Hoon Sung Chwa, Hyeongboo Baek and Jinkyu Lee

On Cyclic Dependencies and Regulators in Time-Sensitive Networks
Ludovic Thomas, Jean-Yves Le Boudec and Ahlem Mifdaoui

Online Reconfiguration of Regularity-based Resource Partitions in Cyber-Physical Systems
Wei-Ju Chen, Peng Wu, Pei-Chi Huang, Song Han and Al Mok

OpenVX and Real-Time Certification: The Troublesome History
Tanya Amert, Sergey Voronov and Jim Anderson

Optimal Scheduling for Active Cell Balancing
Debayan Roy, Swaminathan Narayanaswamy, Alma Proebstl and Samarjit Chakraborty

Optimal Task Parallelization for Global EDF on Multi-core Systems
Youngeun Cho, Do Hyung Kim, Daechul Park, Seung Su Lee and Chang-Gun Lee

Optimizing the Functional Deployment on Multicore Platforms with Logical Execution Time
Paolo Pazzaglia, Alessandro Biondi and Marco Di Natale

Pipelined Data-Parallel CPU/GPU Scheduling for Multi-DNN Real-Time Inference
Yecheng Xiang and Hyoseung Kim

Predictable Data-driven Resource Management: an Implementation using Autoware on Autonomous Platforms
Soroush Bateni and Cong Liu

Predicting Latency Distributions of Aperiodic Time-Critical Services
Haoran Li, Chenyang Lu and Chris Gill

Reconciling Compiler Optimizations and WCET Estimation Using Iterative Compilation
Mickaël Dardaillon, Stefanos Skalistis, Isabelle Puaut and Steven Derrien

RT.js: Practical Real-Time Scheduling for Web Applications
Christian Dietrich, Stefan Naumann, Robin Thrift and Daniel Lohmann

Securing Time in Untrusted Operating Systems with TimeSeal
Fatima M. Anwar, Luis Garcia, Xi Han and Mani Srivastava

Segment Streaming for the Three-Phase Execution Model: Design and Implementation
Muhammad R. Soliman, Giovani Gracioli, Rohan Tabish, Rodolfo Pellizzoni and Marco Caccamo

Semi-Clairvoyance in Mixed-Criticality Scheduling
Kunal Agrawal and Sanjoy Baruah

SmartPC: Hierarchical Pace Control in Real-Time Federated Learning System
Li Li, Haoyi Xiong, Zhishan Guo, Daxiang Dong, Jun Wang, Chengzhong Xu and Jun Huan

Suspension-Based Locking Protocols for Parallel Real-Time Tasks
Xu Jiang, Nan Guan, Yue Tang, Weichen Liu and Hancong Duan

Synthesizing Real-Time Schedulability Tests using Evolutionary Algorithms: A Proof of Concept
Piotr Dziurzanski, Robert Davis and Leandro Indrusiak

Thermal-Aware Schedulability Analysis for Fixed-Priority Non-Preemptive Real-Time Systems
Javier Pérez Rodríguez and Patrick Meumeu Yomsi

Thermally Composable Hybrid Application Mapping for Real-Time Applications in Heterogeneous Many-Core Systems
Behnaz Pourmohseni, Fedor Smirnov, Heba Khdr, Stefan Wildermann, Jürgen Teich and Joerg Henkel

Timely fine-grained interference-sensitive run-time adaptation of time-triggered schedules
Stefanos Skalistis and Angeliki Kritikakou